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Plant flower bulbs for ‘real’ social contact

Our social media gives us daily contact with hundreds of friends with whom we can share everything about our lives. Because we already know what’s going on with everyone, we’re no longer seeing and talking with each other that often. But what a pity! We really shouldn’t let virtual contact exclude the pleasure of real contact. So why not get together with your neighbours, sisters, girlfriends or kids and spend a day planting flower bulbs? It’s lots of fun. And there are more benefits than just personal contact: being in touch with the natural world is relaxing, and you’ll be enjoying the first colours of spring right in your own garden. You’ll also have some nice pictures to share on your social media!

Flower bulb lasagne

Attention all gardeners! You can enjoy the earliest flowers of spring even longer. How? By creating an appetising flower bulb lasagne. But you don’t need the kitchen for this – it’s all done in the garden. The recipe is simple: plant various layers of flower bulbs one over another just like you do when making the famous Italian pasta casserole. This dish requires some time for all the flavours to come together, so start off in the autumn. Next spring, you’ll be enjoying month after month of wonderful flowers when the various kinds of flower bulbs bloom in succession. Springtime on a platter!

Recipes for buried treasures

It’s autumn, and that means it’s time to root around in the soil and get your flower bulbs planted. Once these buried treasures flower next spring, they’ll be making the garden sparkle. It’s sometimes difficult to tell which bulbs you should combine to create exactly the look you want in your garden. To help you find your way through the thousands of possibilities, garden recipes give ideas for using flower bulbs in the borders of traditional, contemporary or charming gardens.

Happiness from January through May

Every season has its own special charm in the garden. But after a bleak autumn and cold winter, every gardener can hardly wait to see those colourful flowers in bloom again. Simply because they put a smile on your face. And also, perhaps, because their arrival announces the coming of spring when growth and flowering in the garden really takes off. Did you know that spring-flowering flower bulbs can brighten up your garden from January through May? Every month, you’ll be greeted by the beauty of different varieties.