Fascinating: watch flower bulbs grow without a garden

bulb afbeelding

What makes flower bulbs so nice

As small or large as your balcony or patio may be, flower bulbs will always make it look inviting. You could go for a lavish display with large pots and large flower bulbs. But even a few small bulbs in small pots can make the difference between inviting and unwelcoming.

bulb afbeelding bulb afbeelding

Being creative with just a little space

If you are limited to just a few square meters, consider using your vertical space. One way to do this would be to load up an old step ladder with various pots filled with flower bulbs. Another solution would be to make use of walls. Attractive plant containers attached to walls simply sparkle in the spring when filled with flowering bulbs. And another important advantage is that you still have enough room on the floor.

bulb afbeelding bulb afbeelding

Step by step

When selecting pots to hold flower bulbs, choose ones with a hole in the bottom to let excess water drain out. Fill the pot two-thirds of the way full with potting compost. The best kind of potting ground for this purpose contains some sand. The bulbs should be planted in such a way that they almost touch each other but not quite. Then cover the bulbs with more potting compost. Make sure that the bulbs are covered with potting soil equal to three times their own height. You don’t have to provide any fertilizer because the bulbs have their own reserves of nutrients. Not letting the soil dry out is important, but don’t give the bulbs too much water either. Once the potting up is done, arrange the pots in places that can easily be seen from inside. Then, day by day, you can then start enjoying the ‘pre-spring show’.

bulb afbeelding bulb afbeelding

From bulb to flower

From small bulbs under the ground to a profusion of flowers above the ground. It may take a while for that bulb to produce flowers, but the final result is more than worth the wait. When the bulbs have just been planted in the autumn, it seems as if they are simply sitting there, waiting for spring. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Instead, the bulbs are involved in quite a process intended to result in that beautiful display of flowers. The day when their first green shoots emerge above the surface is a welcome surprise after a long gloomy period. After that comes weeks of enjoying a fascinating process of growth until the flower bulbs burst forth into full flower.

bulb afbeelding bulb afbeelding