Summer bulbs accentuate your personal style

Sleek and uncluttered

This garden features straight lines and smooth surfaces – a minimal colour palette and not too much ornamentation. And not too many things in it because an uncluttered look is essential. Too much only leads to distraction. This is what we call a sleek and uncluttered garden. In these kinds of gardens, you can create synergy between the house and garden with summer bulbs in the right choice of colour, shape and quantity. For a white house, white summer bulbs promote a beautiful sense of unity between house and garden. Gladioli and Agapanthus are tall summer-flowering bulbs. The impressive height of a densely planted stand of gladioli emphasises the beautiful architectural lines of the house. 

bulb afbeelding

Tranquil luxury

This garden is an oasis of tranquility and provides a feeling of luxury and comfort. A garden like this is just the place to treat yourself to some relaxing private time. This is what we call the luxurious tranquil style. Concrete walls and weathered wooden patio surfaces combined with lustrous copper are the perfect ingredients to create this atmosphere. To enhance this tranquil feeling, use summer-flowering bulbs in similar natural hues: warm red dahlias, deep red lilies and warm pink Eucomis. Add to the luxurious look with copper-coloured and brown-tinted pots decorated with unique geometric patterns.

bulb afbeelding  bulb afbeelding

Nice and cosy

Any colour will do, and the more flowers the better. Everyone who loves lots of colour and fragrance will get the most enjoyment from combinations of various mixed summer bulbs. Certain alliances provide a surprisingly inviting feeling. It’s important to use a selection of harmonious colours to get a beautiful unified look. A good example would be summer-flowering bulbs in purples and pinks. Vivid purple gladioli will look spectacular when planted with purple anemones, pink dahlias and white Eucomis. The tall orange spikes of Eremurus combine beautifully with orange dahlias.

bulb afbeelding  bulb afbeelding