Time for summer bulbs, such rewarding plants

Dazzling colours

Summer-flowering bulbous plants are known for their fantastic colours, so choosing summer bulbs for a summer border is not hard at all. And they offer a wide range of heights and flower shapes for every colour scheme. Planting them between existing plants is easy as well. After all, summer is a time when even totally unrelated colours go together – just like they do in a wild flower meadow. Let the summer begin!

bulb afbeelding bulb afbeelding

How to plant

  • Plant summer-flowering bulbs during April and May.
  • Summer-flowering bulbs prefer sunny locations.
  • Before planting, loosen the soil by raking it and remove weeds and small stones. Plant the bulbs carefully – without pushing them into the soil – with the pointed side up.

bulb afbeelding bulb afbeelding