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Make your garden super cool with summer bulbs

Get inspired with the garden trends for 2016

It’s spring: time for some fresh air! Also time for sprucing up the garden and patio and enjoying the sunshine! And, while you’re at it, why not go with the latest trends? For 2016, that means choosing from the three latest gardening styles: ‘The World Beyond’, ‘Reconsider Space’ and ‘Connect The Story’. But whichever style you choose, be sure to include summer bulbs to create that perfect look for your garden. Get inspired by the gardening trends for 2016 and make your garden the perfect green scene for ultimate enjoyment.

Queen of the underworld

The Voodoo lily possesses special powers

Among flower bulbs, this is the queen of the underworld: the Voodoo lily (Sauromatum venosum). This isn’t just any summer-flowering bulb, but one with truly intriguing aspects… Will you be one of the daring souls to plant the Voodoo lily this spring? A useful hint: buy some clothes pegs, too.

The summer bulb of the year 2016: Begonia

Only one bulb every year can be designated ‘Summer Bulb of the Year’: in 2016, this is the Begonia. And an appropriate choice it was, since this colorful, long-flowering charmer also has a wonderful meaning in the language of flowers: balance. Isn’t that what many of us are seeking amidst the pressures and stress of everyday life? The Begonia’s lovely flowers put a smile on your face and let you enjoy the moment. Plant these beauties in the spring, and you’ll be getting even more enjoyment from your garden this summer.

Discover the secret garden gems

Would you like to enjoy some really special flowers in your garden this year? Some that will make your garden just a bit different than other gardens? And kinds of plants that won’t require green fingers? The solution for you could be the secret gems among the summer bulbs. These are some very special varieties: summer bulbs with a surprisingly different flower shape, unusual flower colour, or a simply delicious fragrance. And, luckily for you, almost nobody else knows about them! Most people are acquainted with dahlias, calla lilies and gladioli, but garden gems like Hymenocallis and Tulbaghia are just about ready to make their breakthrough. Add these gems to your garden and make it unique by planting these as yet unfamiliar summer bulbs. But don’t wait too long since these are available in smaller quantities than other bulbs such as dahlias.

The Dahlia: a charming coquette

The Dahlia is a tuberous plant that steals the show in the garden. The charm of her magnificent flowers in almost every colour of the rainbow will catch your eye in an instant. This temptress steps up her seductive advances towards the end of the summer. That’s when she starts blooming her heart out. Not until the first frost will she cease her attempts to seduce you.